Gracias a nuestro acuerdo estratégico con Navigate Response (UK), nuestros clientes cuentan con cobertura mundial de consultores especializados. Esta alianza estratégica nos permite dar servicio a nuestros clientes en más de 30 países de los cinco continentes. Usted no tendrá que preocuparse por la interlocución con nuestros socios internacionales, usted sólo tratará con nosotros, evitando problemas idiomáticos y culturales

“We are delighted to be able to work with Fran Rosillo and his team at Crisis Communications & Response (CC&R). We had been looking for a media partner in Spain for a while and CC&R is a perfect fit for us. Smart, resilient, very media-savvy and able to respond at a moment’s notice, we were delighted to set our partnership on a more formal basis. For example, Fran was able, at short notice, to fly from Madrid to Cascais in Portugal to handle a shipping incident which had all the potential for a disaster. He made local connections very quickly and working with all participating agencies on scene helped to calm the situation with local and national journalists. Our client was very pleased with the media outcome. Highly recommended!”

Mark Clark, Director of London and Singapore-based Navigate Response.